Grafschafter Goldsaft

The classic among spreads

It featured on our grandmother’s breakfast table and is still a classic in any healty kitchen: our Goldsaft in the yellow cup! Whether as a sweet, malty spread to enhance the flavour of sauces or as a special baking ingredient, it is a delicious alternative to many industrial products and a traditional part of traditional Rhenish food. Goldsaft is a naturally pure sugar beet syrup that we produce from freshly harvested sugar beet and of course with no chemical additives. It is produced solely by thickening the beet syrup which we extract from boiled sugar beet pulp. Our Goldsaft is pleasantly sweet and retains all the precious nutritional substances of the beet, i.e. some minerals and water-soluable vitamins

Geschützte geografische Angabe“The European Union states: Grafschafter Goldsaft, a Rhenish sugar beet syrup, is a regional speciality with protected geografical indication in accordance with the eligible criteria of the EU.”

Grafschafter Goldsaft

Our Grafschafter Goldsaft is also available in other packaging sizes. For example in our practical dispensing bottle with 500g or in the smaller cup with a content of 225g. Please just ask your retailer – they will be happy to advise you.

Grafschafter Goldsaft is naturally gluten- and lactose-free.

  • Sugar beet

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy 1295 kJ (306 kcal)


of which


< 0,5 g


< 0,5 g


of which sugars

70 g

66 g


5,4 g


2,3 g
Salt 0,03 g


  • as a sweet, malty spread
  • to sweeten and enhance the flavour of a range of sauces
  • for cakes and cookies
  • on potato waffles or potato pancakes
  • for baking wholemeal bread, to add to flour, as a flavour enhancer, to make good breadcrumbs and to preserve freshness
  • in the pharmaceutical industry as a additive to cough syrups and cold and cough sweets, etc.

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