Grafschafter Herstellung

Services for industrial clients


In addition to our fruit specialities, we offer a wide range of syrup varieties for the food processing industry. These are available in a neutral sweet taste or flavoured and coloured.

Colourless, neutral syrups can be used to sweeten drinks/liqueurs, dessert sauces, cereals and pastry goods.

Dark and intense syrups like our sugar beet syrup are used mainly to manufacture dark-coloured baked goods (wholemeal bread and gingerbreads) and dark gourmet dressings and dips.

We would be happy to create unique, client-specific recipes for you.

We can supply Grafschafter industrial products in any conventional pack size, from small packs to tanker loads.

We are always happy to advise you! Please send us your request via E-Mail and we will contact you as soon as possible.