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Our unique Rhineland specialities

Do you remember the yellow cup on your grandmother’s breakfast table? Even back then, you knew to expect only the best on your bread at her table. And grandma knew that our Goldsaft is a delicious and natural food for young and old alike.

The same is true today: because an abundant harvest of fresh, 100% natural fruit is processed at the Grafschafter Krautfabrik. Sugar beet from the region that we press in our Goldsaft or juicy apples and pears from our local fruit growers and sometimes even from the nearby orchards.

We have been doing this for over 100 years: Graftschafter products have been created with the utmost care and according to traditional recipes in the idyllic Rhineland region since time immemorial with love, tradition and a pure, natural taste. And that’s precisely why not only our grandmothers swear by our spreads and syrups; parents today who are concerned with health and nutrition can find tasty and healthy alternatives to hazelnut and chocolate spreads for their children. Allergy sufferers can enjoy our original specialities, as they are free from preservatives and allergens. And finally, then as now, fans of the famous yellow cup appreciate the unique, authentic flavours from the region.

Click the video below to learn more about the famous yellow cup.

Our Grafschafter Goldsaft